Debut single available 25th October...


The long awaited Progressive Rock solo album project by Lee Payne.

The album will be released on CD Friday 13th December 2019.
A single will be available on Itunes Friday 25th November 2019.
Starship Sentinel off the debut “Opening Ritual EP” was the song that gave a taster to the direction East of Lyra are exploring now to the fullest.  In many way’s East of Lyra is the album Cloven Hoof’s first line up would have  made!

Lee's Rig rundown

Lee gives you a tour of the gear he used on the East of Lyra album, including his Limited Edition Chris Squire Rickenbacker 4001 Bass.

He also shows us his pedals, and how he gets his signature sound, so if you want to sound like him – now you can!